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From Alexander Batyrshin <>
Subject Re: Any reason for so small phoenix.mutate.batchSize by default?
Date Tue, 03 Sep 2019 16:45:07 GMT
I observer that there is some extra mutations in batch for every my UPSERTs
For example if app call executeUpdate() only 5 times then on commit there will be "DEBUG MutationState:1046
- Sent batch of 10"
Can’t figure out where this extra mutations comes from and why.

This is mean that “useful” batch size is phoenix.mutate.batchSize / 2.

> * What does your table DDL look like?

    "d"."tg" VARCHAR,
    "d"."drip" VARCHAR,
    "d"."se" UNSIGNED_TINYINT,
    "d"."rle" UNSIGNED_TINYINT,
    "d"."dme" TIMESTAMP,
    "d"."dpa" TIMESTAMP,
    "d"."p" VARCHAR,
    "d"."pt" UNSIGNED_TINYINT,
    "d"."x" VARCHAR,
    "d"."pn" VARCHAR,
    "d"."b" VARCHAR,
    "d"."hc" VARCHAR ARRAY,
    "d"."ns" VARCHAR(16),
    "d"."tv" VARCHAR(10),
    "d"."vcp" VARCHAR,
    "d"."et" UNSIGNED_TINYINT,
    "d"."xoa" BINARY(16),
    "d"."j" VARCHAR

CREATE INDEX "IDX_CIS_O" ON "TABLE_CODES" ("d"."x", "d"."dme") INCLUDE("d"."tg", "d"."rle",
"d"."pt" ... ) SALT_BUCKETS=30;
CREATE INDEX "IDX_CIS_PRID" ON "TABLE_CODES" ("d"."drip", "d"."dme") INCLUDE("d"."tg", "d"."rle",
"d"."pt" ...) SALT_BUCKETS=30;

For my case SALT_BUCKET=30 every batch with default settings will carry only 50 “useful”
rows and they will be splitted across 30 servers, so every server will get only 1-2 rows.

> * How large is one mutation you're writing (in bytes)?

Any idea how to calculate it? <> will
give me total mutations count and total size in bytes of batch. But as I mentioned before
there is “extra” mutation that will corrupt statistics

> * How much data ends up being sent to a RegionServer in one RPC?
Where I can get this metric?

> On 3 Sep 2019, at 17:19, Josh Elser <> wrote:
> Hey Alexander,
> Was just poking at the code for this: it looks like this is really just determining the
number of mutations that get "processed together" (as opposed to a hard limit).
> Since you have done some work, I'm curious if you could generate some data to help back
up your suggestion:
> * What does your table DDL look like?
> * How large is one mutation you're writing (in bytes)?
> * How much data ends up being sent to a RegionServer in one RPC?
> You're right in that we would want to make sure that we're sending an adequate amount
of data to a RegionServer in an RPC, but this is tricky to balance for all cases (thus, setting
a smaller value to avoid sending batches that are too large is safer).
> On 9/3/19 8:03 AM, Alexander Batyrshin wrote:
>>  Hello all,
>> 1) There is bug in documentation -
>> phoenix.mutate.batchSize is not 1000, but only 100 by default
>> Changed for
>> 2) I want to discuss this default value. From PHOENIX-541 <>
I read about issue with MR and wide rows (2MB per row) and it looks like rare case. But in
most common cases we can get much better write perfomance with batchSize = 1000 especially
if it used with SALT table

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