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From Simon Mottram <>
Subject Multi-Tenancy and shared records
Date Tue, 03 Sep 2019 00:34:45 GMT

I'm working on a project where we have a combination of very sparse
data columns with added headaches of multi-tenancy.  Hbase looks great
for the back end but I need to check that we can support the customer's
multi-tenancy requirements.

There are 2 that I'm struggling to find a definitive answer for. Any
info most gratefully received

Shared Data
Each record in the table must be secured but it could be multiple
tenants for a record.  Think 'shared' data.

So for example if you had 3 records

record1, some secret data
record2, some other secret data 
record3, data? what data.

We need 
user1 to be able to see record1 and record2
user2 to be able to see record2 and record3

From what I see in the mult-tenancy doco, the tenant_id field is a
VARCHAR,  can this be multiple values?  

The actual 'multiple tenant' value would be set at creation and very
rarely (if ever) changed, but I couldn't guarantee immutability

Enforced Security
Can you prevent access without TenantId?  Otherwise if someone just
edits the connection info they can sidestep all the multi-tenancy
features.   Our users include scientific types who will want to connect
directly using JDBC/Python/Other so we need to be sure to lock this
data down.

Of course they want 'admin' types who CAN see all =) Whether there is a
special connection that allows non-tenanted connections or have a
multi-tenant key that always contains a master tenantid (yuck)

If not possible I guess we have to look at doing something at the HBase

Best Regards

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