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From Alexander Batyrshin <>
Subject Re: Why we change index state to PENDING_DISABLE on RegionMovedException
Date Tue, 10 Sep 2019 22:49:45 GMT
Its looks premises, but we need to do write performance evaluation old indexes vs new one before
we can go with this update.

> On 11 Sep 2019, at 01:15, Geoffrey Jacoby <> wrote:
> Just wanted to add that in the new index architecture recently introduced in Phoenix
4.14.3 and the forthcoming 4.15, the index stays in ACTIVE state even if there's a write failure,
and the index will be transparently repaired the next time someone reads from the affected
keyrange. From the client perspective indexes will always be in sync. Indexes created using
the older index framework will still work, but will need to be upgraded to the new framework
with the IndexUpgradeTool in order to benefit from the new behavior. 
> We'll be updating the docs on the website soon to reflect that; in the meantime you can
look at PHOENIX-5156 and PHOENIX-5211 if you'd like more details. 
> Geoffrey
> On Tue, Sep 10, 2019 at 3:02 PM Vincent Poon < <>>
> Normally you're right, this should get retried at the HBase layer and would be transparent.
 However as part of PHOENIX-4130, we have the hbase client only try the write once, so there's
no chance to retry.  We did that to avoid tying up rpc handlers on the server.
> Instead, we retry the entire Phoenix mutation from the client side.  The index is put
into "PENDING_DISABLE", so that if the next write succeeds, it can flip back to "ACTIVE".
> On Tue, Sep 10, 2019 at 2:29 PM Alexander Batyrshin < <>>
> As I know RegionMovedException is not a problem at all, its just notification that we
need to update meta information about table regions and retry.
> Why we do extra work with changing state of index?
> 2019-09-10 22:35:00,764 WARN  [hconnection-0x4a63b6ea-shared--pool10-t961] client.AsyncProcess:
#41, table=IDX_TABLE, attempt=1/1 failed=1ops, last exception: org.apache.hadoop.hbase.exceptions.RegionMovedException:
Region moved to: hostname=prod023 port=60020 startCode=1568139705179. As
>  of locationSeqNum=93740117. on prod027,60020,1568142287280, tracking started Tue Sep
10 22:35:00 MSK 2019; not retrying 1 - final failure
> 2019-09-10 22:35:00,789 INFO  [RpcServer.default.FPBQ.Fifo.handler=170,queue=10,port=60020]
index.PhoenixIndexFailurePolicy: Successfully update INDEX_DISABLE_TIMESTAMP for IDX_TABLE
due to an exception while writing updates. indexState=PENDING_DISABLE
> org.apache.phoenix.hbase.index.exception.MultiIndexWriteFailureException:  disableIndexOnFailure=true,
Failed to write to multiple index tables: [IDX_TABLE]
>         at org.apache.phoenix.hbase.index.write.TrackingParallelWriterIndexCommitter.write(
>         at org.apache.phoenix.hbase.index.write.IndexWriter.write(
>         at org.apache.phoenix.hbase.index.write.IndexWriter.writeAndKillYourselfOnFailure(
>         at org.apache.phoenix.hbase.index.write.IndexWriter.writeAndKillYourselfOnFailure(
>         at org.apache.phoenix.hbase.index.Indexer.doPostWithExceptions(
>         at org.apache.phoenix.hbase.index.Indexer.doPost(
>         at org.apache.phoenix.hbase.index.Indexer.postBatchMutateIndispensably(
>         at org.apache.hadoop.hbase.regionserver.RegionCoprocessorHost$
>         at org.apache.hadoop.hbase.regionserver.RegionCoprocessorHost$
>         at org.apache.hadoop.hbase.regionserver.RegionCoprocessorHost.execOperation(
>         at org.apache.hadoop.hbase.regionserver.RegionCoprocessorHost.execOperation(
>         at org.apache.hadoop.hbase.regionserver.RegionCoprocessorHost.postBatchMutateIndispensably(
>         at org.apache.hadoop.hbase.regionserver.HRegion.doMiniBatchMutation(
>         at org.apache.hadoop.hbase.regionserver.HRegion.batchMutate(
>         at org.apache.hadoop.hbase.regionserver.HRegion.batchMutate(
>         at org.apache.hadoop.hbase.regionserver.RSRpcServices.doBatchOp(
>         at org.apache.hadoop.hbase.regionserver.RSRpcServices.doNonAtomicRegionMutation(
>         at org.apache.hadoop.hbase.regionserver.RSRpcServices.multi(
>         at org.apache.hadoop.hbase.protobuf.generated.ClientProtos$ClientService$2.callBlockingMethod(
>         at
>         at
>         at org.apache.hadoop.hbase.ipc.RpcExecutor$
>         at org.apache.hadoop.hbase.ipc.RpcExecutor$

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