Does Phoenix officially support Hbase 2.1.0 ? We are looking to upgrade our CDH cluster to CDH 6.2.0.
While building Phoenix 5 with Hbase 2.1.0 on CDH 6, we came into incompatibility issues with htrace.

Htrace issue so far is the only thing we found that is causing compilation issues with Hbase 2.1.0

Hbase 2.1.0 uses org.apache.htrace:htrace-core4:4.1.0-incubating , while Hbase 2.0 is using org.apache.htrace:htrace-core:3.1.0-incubating.
The issue with htrace is there some schema changes between the two version, such asĀ  SpanId, ParentId which now are using String, instead of Long.