Hi, Anil.
It seems that this exception is not bug,  you should check your code of logical layer. Sometimes this exception will be trigger when multiple thread to access connections pool( some connections are closed at that time). 

   Yun Zhang
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2018-03-23 23:45 GMT+08:00 Anil <anilklce@gmail.com>:
Hi Josh,

i didn't find any other exception. i will check again. Exceptions happened only on few nodes. i have seen failed to get regions exception on few nodes. I will check agian and comeback to more details. Thanks.


On 22 March 2018 at 21:56, Josh Elser <elserj@apache.org> wrote:
Hey Anil,

You sure there isn't another exception earlier on in the output of your application? The exception you have here looks more like the JVM was already shutting down and Phoenix had closed the connection (the exceptions were about queued tasks being cleared out after the decision to shutdown was already made).

On 3/22/18 8:14 AM, Anil wrote:
HI Team,

We have upgraded the phoenix from 4.7.0 to 4.11.0 and started noticing the attached exception.

Can you help me identifying the root cause of the exception ? Thanks.