Delete system.stat entries. It should fix the issue.

On Mar 1, 2018 3:04 AM, "Azharuddin Shaikh" <> wrote:
We are using phoenix(4.8-Version) to perform read operation on our
Hbase(1.2.3 - Version) table but suddenly after 7 months from deployment we
are stuck in an serious issue where suddenly phoenix is showing the table
count as '16232555' but when we perform count using Hbase Shell it is
reflecting correctly as '1985950'. We had tried to drop the table & reload
the data but again after sometime phoenix count is reflecting incorrectly.

1. We are unable to understand what is triggering this issue

2. How can we solve this issue

3. Is there any issue related to Phoenix guidepost width, since after
increasing the guidepost width from default(100mb) to 5GB it is reflecting
the correct count, so not able to understand what should be the correct
value for guidepost & what is the use of this.

4. What measures to be implemented to avoid this issue in future.

Any help would greatly appreciated. Thanks

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