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From <>
Subject "Unable to discover transaction service" prompt out when tried to create table with transaction = true
Date Wed, 28 Mar 2018 21:38:15 GMT
Hi, I was trying to enable the transaction function of Phoenix on my hbase.  but I keep getting
the "Unable to discover transaction service" problem.
My setting:
1. Single node running on a docker.  
2. HBase configured as pseudo distributed mode(Hbase manages zookeeper)
3. HBase version 1.2.6, Phoenix: 4.13.1, sqlline 1.2.0
4. I put below setting to both hbase-site.xml in folder /phoenix/bin/ and /hbase/conf/:

1.  setup above two hbase-site.xml.
2.  start hbase.
3. start tephra with command: tephra start     ---> i also put the phoenix/bin to classpath.
4. tephra running normally and no exception.
5. myServerName:2181
6. after get into sqlline mode, basic command of phoenix no problem,  I can also create table
without transaction enabled.
7. when I do below transaction enabling command, the issue prompt out

seems the transaction manager cannot be found when I trigger transaction related action.
I did some research and found that the transaction manager will register itself to zookeeper
and any transactional action will automatically find the manager and get the transaction thing
done through it.
I am wondering if the hbase managed zookeeper works for phoenix transaction.   or what error
i did and lead to the problem.

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