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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: phoenix + protobuf 3
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2018 17:16:50 GMT
You'll like have to shade the use of Protobuf3 in your application.

<HBase2 releases use Protobuf2 for all RPC between client and server -- 
this is not something "optional". HBase2 (and the sister release 
Phoenix5) will have done this shading internally which will make this 
easier for you downstream. However, these releases have not yet been made.

On 3/21/18 11:14 AM, Marcelo Valle wrote:
> I am creating an application that uses phoenix jdbc driver (the fat 
> one). I saw this driver has a dependency of google protobuffer 2 library.
> I want to use grpc in my application, which uses proto buffer 3, which 
> is incompatible with proto 2.
> How much phoenix JDBC driver really depends on proto 2 library? Will it 
> always be used or there is a setting where I can disable it?
> -- 
> Marcelo Valle
> http://mvalle.comĀ - @mvallebr

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