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From Marcell Ortutay <>
Subject Changing number of salt buckets for a table
Date Thu, 15 Feb 2018 19:25:16 GMT
I have a phoenix table that is about 7 TB (unreplicated) in size,
corresponding to about 500B rows. It was set up a couple years ago, and we
have determined that the number of salt buckets it has is not optimal for
the current query pattern we are seeing. I want to change the number of
salt buckets as I expect it will improve performance.

I have written a MapReduce job that does this using a subclass of
TableMapper. It scans the entire old table, and writes the re-salted data
to a new table. The MapReduce job works on small tables, but I'm having
trouble getting it to run on the larger table.

I have two questions for anyone who has experience with this:

(1) Are there any publicly available MapReduce jobs for re-salting a
Phoenix table?

(2) Generally, is there a better approach than MapReduce to re-salt a
Phoenix table?

Marcell Ortutay

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