Hi All,

I am using phoenix 4.7(hbase 1.1.xx) and came across following case of query plans :

Table Schema:
PK for table is composed of three cols C1+C2+C3 and there are some additional columns as well.
1. query plan for below select query shows skip scan:
         > select * from table where (C1, C2) in ((x1, y1),(x2,y2)) 
2.  however, for below query it prefers server side filters :

         > select * from table where ((C1 = x1 and C2=y1) or (C1 = x2 and C2=y2))
Now, i was expecting the both to have similar plan with skip/range scan but it seems to be different
based on used query syntax.I tried using skip scan hint but no luck. 

Is there any other way we can enforce  skip/range scan on 2nd queries because condition list could
be really large and doing server side filter based query plan is inefficient compared to skip/range scan plan ?

Thanks & Regards,