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From Pedro Boado <>
Subject Is first query to a table region way slower?
Date Mon, 29 Jan 2018 01:39:36 GMT
Hi all,

I'm running into issues with a java springboot app that ends up querying a
Phoenix cluster (from out of the cluster) through the non-thin client.

Basically this application has a high latency - around 2 to 4 seconds - for
the first query per  primary key to each region of a table with 180M
records ( and 10 regions ) . Following calls - for different keys within
the same region - have an average response time of ~60-80ms. No secondary
indexes involved. No writes to the table at all during these queries.

I don't think it's related to HConnection establishing as it was already
stablished before the query ran ( a SELECT * FROM table LIMIT 1 is executed
as soon as the datasource is created )

I've been doing some quick profiling and almost all the time is spent
inside the actual jdbc call.

So here's the question: in your experience, is this normal behaviour - so I
have to workaround the problem from application code warming up connections
during app startup -  or is it something unusual? Any experience reducing
first query latencies?


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