If it needs to be 100% accurate, then count(*) is the only way. If your data is write-once data, you might be able to track the row count at the application level through some kind of atomic counter in a different table (but this will likely be brittle). If you can live with an estimate, you could enable statistics [1], optionally configuring Phoenix not to use stats for parallelization [2], and query the SYSTEM.STATS table to get an estimate [3]. 

Another interesting alternative if you want the approximate row count when you have a where clause would be to use the new table sampling feature [4]. You'd also want stats enabled for this to be more accurate too.


[1] https://phoenix.apache.org/update_statistics.html
[2] phoenix.use.stats.parallelization=false
[3] select sum(GUIDE_POSTS_ROW_COUNT) from SYSTEM.STATS where physical_name='my_schema.my_table' 
     and COLUMN_FAMILY='my_first_column_family' -- necessary only if you have multiple column families
[4] https://phoenix.apache.org/tablesample.html

On Tue, Dec 19, 2017 at 2:57 PM, Jins George <jins.george@aeris.net> wrote:

Is there a way to get the total row count of a phoenix table without running select count(*) from table ?
my use case is to monitor the record count in a table every x minutes, so didn't want to put load on the system by running a select count(*) query.

Jins George