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From Ash N <>
Subject Re: SSL Phoenix
Date Fri, 24 Nov 2017 17:19:29 GMT

Thank you for your quick response.

The data is sensitive personal data of customers.  Everything needs to be
encrypted and secure.  In - wire, on-wire, in-motion, at rest, everything.
Our solution was to use SSL/TLS everywhere.  Our development team reported
that Phoenix does not support SSL. Therefore this is a big problem.

Based on the above statements,  if you have additional ideas, I will gladly
take them,
if you have additional input please do provide.  I unfortunately have very
limited to no knowledge on security.  So this becomes a challenge area for

Meanwhile,  I will look up the link you have provided and will continue to
do research on this topic.


On Fri, Nov 24, 2017 at 12:11 PM, Josh Elser <> wrote:

> Why do you have a hard-requirement on using SSL?
> HBase itself does not use SSL to provide confidentiality on its wire
> communication, it relies on jGSS and SASL to implement this security. Under
> the hood, this actually boils down to using GSSAPI, Kerberos specifically,
> to implement privacy (e.g. aes256-cts-hmac-sha1-96).
> Take a look at
> html#_server_side_configuration_for_secure_operation. Phoenix executes
> all of its RPCs over HBase RPCs, so if you have HBase set up correctly,
> Phoenix will follow.
> If you want to introduce the Phoenix Query Server into your architecture,
> you can place it behind an SSL/TLS proxy server (or configure PQS directly
> with SSL/TLS using a sufficiently new version of Phoenix). This would be
> the only way I know of to "use Phoenix with SSL", but, in my experience,
> this is rarely what people actually want when they say this ;)
> Disclaimer: I have no idea how any of this translates to EMR :)
> On 11/24/17 12:01 PM, Ash N wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> Thank you for the great work the team is doing on Phoenix.
>> Summary :  does Phoenix support SSL connection in Amazon EMR Cluster?
>> We are running Phoenix on EMR cluster in Amazon. We have a need to
>> connect to Phoenix over SSL.  I don't see much documentation around this
>> topic anywhere also I saw a couple of jira tickets that did not provide
>> enough help or direction on this topic.
>> If Phoenix does not support SSL connections what are my options?
>> Starting off six months ago,  we assumed this should not be an issue.
>> Now we are in big trouble.
>> All and any help is greatly appreciated.
>> Thanks
>> Ash

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