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2017-10-27 8:45 GMT-04:00 Flavio Pompermaier <>:
I just need someone who tells which git repository to use, the branching/tagging policy, what should be done to release a parcel (i.e. compile, test ok, update docs, etc). For example, I need someone who says: to release a Phoenix CDH  parcel the process is this:

Well, if Apache Phoenix maintains it, I feel this should be moved under the Apache Phoenix git repository, right?

2. create one or more branches for each supported release (i.e. 4.11-cdh-5.10 and 4.11-cdh-5.11)
    - this imply to create an official compatibility matrix...obviously it doesn't make sense to issue a 4.11-cdh-4.1 for example)

3. The test that should be passed to consider a parcel ok for a release

Ha! good idea. Don't know if this can be automated, but deploying the parcel, doing rolling upgrades, minor versions and major versions upgrades tests, etc. We might be able to come with a list of things to test, and increase/improve the list as we move forward...
4. Which documentation to write

Most probably documenting what has changed between the Apache core branch and the updated parce branch? And how to build?
5. Who is responsible to update Phoenix site and announcements etc?

You? ;)
6. Call for contributors when a new release is needed and coordinate them

I'm already in! I have one CDH cluster and almost all CDH versions VMs... So I can do a lot of tests, as long as it doesn't required a month of my time every month ;)


Kind of those things :)

On Fri, Oct 27, 2017 at 2:33 PM, Jean-Marc Spaggiari <> wrote:
FYI, you can also count on me for that. At least to perform some testing or gather information, communication, etc.

Flavio, what can you leading do you need there? 

James, I am also interested ;) So count me in... (My very personal contribution)

To setup a repo we just need to have a folder on the existing file storage with the correct parcel structure so people can point to it. That's not a big deal...


2017-10-27 5:08 GMT-04:00 Flavio Pompermaier <>:
I can give it a there someone who can lead this thing?