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From Hef <>
Subject How to speed up write performance
Date Tue, 05 Sep 2017 09:56:16 GMT
Hi guys,
I'm evaluating using Phoenix to replace MySQL for better scalability.
The version I'm evaluating is 4.11-HBase-1.2, with some dependencies
modified to match CDH5.9 which we are using.

The problem I'm having is the write performance to Phoenix from JDBC is too
poor, only 500writes/second, while our data's throughput is almost
50,000/s. My questions are:
1. If the 500/s TPS is normal speed? How fast can you achieve in your
2. Whether I can write directly into HBase with mutation API, and read from
Phoenix, that could be fast. But I don't see the secondary index be created
automatically in this case.


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