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From Luqman Ghani <>
Subject Fwd: Apache Spark Integration
Date Mon, 17 Jul 2017 15:50:07 GMT
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From: Luqman Ghani <>
Date: Sat, Jul 15, 2017 at 2:38 PM
Subject: Apache Spark Integration


I am evaluating which approach to use for integrating Phoenix with Spark,
namely JDBC and phoenix-spark. I have one query regarding the following
point stated in limitations in Apache Spark Integration
<> section:

   - The Data Source API does not support passing custom Phoenix settings
   in configuration, you must create the DataFrame or RDD directly if you need
   fine-grained configuration.


Can someone point me to or give an example on how to give such

Also, it says in the docs
<> that
there is a 'save' function to save a dataframe to a table. But there is
none. Instead, 'saveToPhoenix' shows up in my Intellij IDE suggestions. I'm
using phoenix-4.11.0-HBase-1.2 and Spark-2.0.2. Is this an error in docs?


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