I am looking for a dynamic query builder for Apache phoenix over hbase.

I am using phoenix 4.10 over hbase 0.98. I have a scenario where I have to query for data of a customer, its address, contact, order_details (each one is an object) etc and queries have to be dynamically built based on the number of objects. I am using a big table in phoenix/hbase where I am storing all of these information. All this information is related to each other by primary keys and foreign keys. So to fetch one information I have to do joins amongst all.

               Now for better query performance I am using nested queries for the joins. What I can see now is that the nested query has become so big even for 4 objects.

               Do we have any query builder API compatible with phoenix which can improve and make faster this dynamic query building process ? Any help is appreciated. Thank you in advance.




Udbhav Agarwal