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From Josh Elser <>
Subject Re: phoenix client config and memory
Date Thu, 09 Mar 2017 17:24:52 GMT
You can create multiple copies of hbase-site.xml if you need to set 
different values for client-server. There is no single way to do this.

Ambari does not differentiate between hbase-site.xml for clients or for 
servers. It creates a single copy (along with the other HBase 
configuration files) in /etc/hbase/conf.

Again, the configuration which is used is solely based on how *you* 
configure the classpath of your application.

Pradheep Shanmugam wrote:
> Hi Josh,
> Thanks for the response, if am understanding this correctly,
> there should be separate hbase-site.xml for client and server
> So properties like phoenix.query.timeoutMs has to be on app side hbase-site?
> But I see the above property being set on the server side hbase-site though ambari..
> is that not going to be used by phoenix client?
> Thanks,
> Pradheep
> On 3/8/17, 3:30 PM, "Josh Elser"<>  wrote:
>> re #1, you need to ensure that the correct hbase-site.xml is on the
>> classpath on your application. Phoenix does *not* do this for you.
>> Pradheep Shanmugam wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>>   1. When using phoenix thick client(4.4.0) at the application, where
>>>      does the client hbase-site.xml reside..I don’t see one? Or does it
>>>      pull the hbase-site.xml from the server before starting up?I do see
>>>      the phoenix query time out set in the server side habse-site though
>>>      it is client setting.
>>>   2. When using phoenix thick client, does the client need extra memory
>>>      to be allocated in general to run the queries and when it does
>>>      operations like client merge sort. With mutiple such queries runnign
>>>      at the same time?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Pradheep

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