Hi Ravi,

It looks like you're invoking the PhoenixInputFormat class directly from Spark, which actually bypasses the phoenix-spark integration completely.

Others on the list might be more helpful with regards to Java implementation, but I suspect if you start with using the DataFrame API, following something similar to the PySpark example in the documentation [1], you'll be able to load your data. If and when you get something working, please reply to the list or submit a patch with the Java code that worked for you, we can update the documentation as well.



[1] https://phoenix.apache.org/phoenix_spark.html

On Wed, Feb 1, 2017 at 3:02 AM, Ravi Kumar Bommada <bravikumar@juniper.net> wrote:
I’m trying to write a phoenix-spark sample job in java to read few colums from hbase and write it back to hbase after some manipulation. while running this job I’m getting exception saying “org.apache.hadoop.mapred.InvalidJobConfException: Output directory not set”, thou I had set the outputformat as PhoenixoutputFormat, please find the code and exception attached .The command to submit the job is mentioned below, any leads would be appreciated.
Spark job submit command:
spark-submit --class bulk_test.PhoenixSparkJob --driver-class-path /home/cloudera/Desktop/phoenix-client-4.5.2-1.clabs_phoenix1.2.0.p0.774.jar --master local myjar.jar
Ravi Kumar B