Hi everybody,
I am a newbie start using phoenix for a few days after did some research about config zookeeper quorum and still stuck I finally wanna ask directly into the community.

Current zk quorum of mine a little odd "hbase.zookeeper.quorum""zoo1:2182,zoo1:2183,zoo2:2182"
I edited the env.sh and add HBASE_PATH=/build/etl/hbase-1.2.4
So I tried to run sqlline by 
 ./sqlline.py zk://zoo1:2182,zoo1:2183,zoo2:2182/hbase
 ./sqlline.py zoo1:2182,zoo1:2183,zoo2:2182:/hbase

Both not working.

So I tried ./queryserver.py start
and used sqlline-thin.py  and got this error
Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: ERROR 102 (08001): Malformed connection url. :zoo1:2182,zoo1:2183,zoo2:2182:2181:/hbase;

Thank you in advance.