Could someone clarify how this property is used by Phoenix: phoenix.connection.consistency
If I set it in hbase-site.xml, does phoenix utilize it for every query (even queries from PQS)?

It's not documented on the website but it's defined in
// consistency configuration setting
public static final String CONSISTENCY_ATTRIB = "phoenix.connection.consistency";

And used in
this.consistency = JDBCUtil.getConsistencyLevel(url,,"phoenix.connection.consistency", QueryServicesOptions.DEFAULT_CONSISTENCY_LEVEL));

On Thu, Jan 19, 2017 at 2:35 PM, Tulasi Paradarami <> wrote:

Does PQS support HBase's timeline consistency (HBASE-10070)? 

Looking at the connection properties implementation within Avatica, I see that following are defined: ["transactionIsolation", "schema", "readOnly", "dirty", "autoCommit", "catalog"] but there's isn't a property defined for setting consistency.
  public ConnectionPropertiesImpl(
      @JsonProperty("autoCommit") Boolean autoCommit,
      @JsonProperty("readOnly") Boolean readOnly,
      @JsonProperty("transactionIsolation") Integer transactionIsolation,
      @JsonProperty("catalog") String catalog,
      @JsonProperty("schema") String schema) {
    this.autoCommit = autoCommit;
    this.readOnly = readOnly;
    this.transactionIsolation = transactionIsolation;
    this.catalog = catalog;
    this.schema = schema;