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From Pradheep Shanmugam <>
Subject Managed Splitting of phoenix salted tables
Date Sat, 21 Jan 2017 00:19:05 GMT

1. I have couple of phoenix tables with salting. I am assuming that all the regions will grow
uniformly across the region server.
Based on above I expect the region splitting to happen across all the region servers at the
same time which will impact my performance when the region size gets bigger.
I am considering manual region splitting to avoid this. But the given that the default split
policy is IncreasingToUpperBoundRegionSplitPolicy,
I cannot really disable the splitting by increasing the hbase.hregion.max.file size to say
100Gb as the the new split size is going to be the one set by the policy
which will be less than 100 Gb several times and the automatic splitting is going to continue.
Should I consider changing the policy back to ConstantSizeRegionSplitPolicy and then disable
it setting to (say) 100 Gb?
Is there a better solution to avoid this problem?

2. Should I not consider manual splitting as the chances of all regions splitting at the same
time is not possible?

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