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From Neelesh <>
Subject Re: Global Indexes and impact on availability
Date Mon, 05 Dec 2016 22:49:47 GMT
Local indexes would indeed solve this problem, at the cost of some penalty
at read-time.  Unfortunately, our vendor distribution (HortonWorks) still
does not have all the bug fixes required for local indexes to work in a
production setting. They consider local indexes to be still in beta and are
explicit about not using local indexes yet.

I was interested in seeing if anyone in the community has experienced
similar issues around global indexes

On Mon, Dec 5, 2016 at 2:39 PM, James Taylor <> wrote:

> Have you tried local indexes?
> On Mon, Dec 5, 2016 at 2:35 PM Neelesh <> wrote:
>> Hello,
>>   When a region server is under stress (hotspotting, or large
>> replication, call queue sizes hitting the limit, other processes competing
>> with HBase etc), we experience latency spikes for all regions hosted by
>> that region server.  This is somewhat expected in the plain HBase world.
>> However, with a phoenix global index, this service deterioration seems to
>> propagate to a lot more region servers, since the affected RS hosts some
>> index regions. The actual data regions are on another RS and latencies on
>> that RS spike because it cannot complete the index update calls quickly.
>> And that second RS now causes issues on yet another one and so on.
>> We've seen this happen on our cluster, and how we deal with this is by
>> "fixing" the original RS - split regions/restart/move around regions,
>> depending on what the problem is.
>> Has any one experienced this issue? It feels like antithetical behavior
>> for a distributed system. Cluster breaking down for the the very reasons
>> its supposed to protect against.
>> Love to hear the thoughts of Phoenix community on this

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