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From <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache Phoenix 4.8.2 is available for download
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2016 18:18:48 GMT
The Phoenix Team is pleased to announce the immediate release of Apache Phoenix 4.8.2.
Download it from your favorite Apache mirror [1].

Apache Phoenix 4.8.2 a bug fix release for the Phoenix 4.8 release line, compatible with Apache
HBase 0.98, 1.0, 1.1 & 1.2.

This release fixes the following 26 issues:
     [PHOENIX-2996] - Process name of PQS should indicate its role
     [PHOENIX-3108] - ImmutableIndexIT fails when run on its own
     [PHOENIX-3159] - CachingHTableFactory may close HTable during eviction even if it
is getting used for writing by another thread.
     [PHOENIX-3199] - ServerCacheClient sends cache to all regions unnecessarily
     [PHOENIX-3240] - ClassCastException from Pig loader
     [PHOENIX-3287] - SecureUserConnectionsTest is flapping
     [PHOENIX-3331] - Bug in calculating minDisabledTimestamp for a batch
     [PHOENIX-3334] - ConnectionQueryServicesImpl should close HConnection if init fails
     [PHOENIX-3342] - ORDER BY and LIMIT+OFFSET doesnt work on second column from compound
     [PHOENIX-3349] - DROP TABLE and DROP SEQUENCE not working with schemas
     [PHOENIX-3374] - Wrong data row key is getting generated for local indexes for functions
with fixed non null columns
     [PHOENIX-3382] - Query using Row Value Constructor comprised of non leading PK columns
returns incorrect results
     [PHOENIX-3407] - Read only RowLock may lead to corrupting SYSTEM.CATALOG and non
atomic sequences in HBase 1.2
     [PHOENIX-3432] - Upgrade Phoenix 4.8.0 to 4.9.0 fails because of illegal characters
in snapshot name
     [PHOENIX-3436] - Port snapshot and upgrade mutex fixes to 4.8 branches
     [PHOENIX-3439] - Query using an RVC based on the base table PK is incorrectly using
an index and doing a full scan instead of a point query
     [PHOENIX-3451] - Incorrect determination of preservation of order for an aggregate
query leads to incorrect query results
     [PHOENIX-3452] - NULLS FIRST/NULL LAST should not impact whether GROUP BY is order
     [PHOENIX-3469] - Incorrect sort order for DESC primary key for NULLS LAST/NULLS FIRST
     [PHOENIX-3481] - Phoenix initialization fails for HBase 0.98.21 and beyond
     [PHOENIX-3482] - Provide a work around for HBASE-17096
     [PHOENIX-3485] - CSVBulkLoadToolIT failing consistently because of HBASE-17108
     [PHOENIX-3487] - IndexIT#testTableDescriptorPriority fails
     [PHOENIX-3494] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException with decimal desc key
     [PHOENIX-3497] - Provide a work around for HBASE-17122
     [PHOENIX-3296] - ArrayConstructor expression does not serialize arrays with leading
nulls correctly.

See also the full release notes [2].

The Apache Phoenix Team


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