We have the same problem here with pig or MapReduce export using 4.8.0 / Hbase 1.2

About 17000 fields are missing on a total of 350.000.000 lines.

I will try to add a limit clause to try.



2016-11-24 13:30 GMT+01:00 金砖 <jinzhuan@wacai.com>:

thanks Abel.

I tried update statistics, it did not work.

But after some retries, I found something interesting:

I add  'limit 100000000'  after my sql.

Even actual size of result is the same(since there’s only 100000 rows in table),  but the missing problem is solved.


发件人: Abel Fernández<mevsmyself@gmail.com>
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主题: Re: huge query result miss some fields

Hi Jinzhuan,

Have you tried to update the statistics of your table?

On Thu, 24 Nov 2016 at 11:46 金砖 <jinzhuan@wacai.com> wrote:

hi, all:

I’m using phoenix-4.8.0-hbase-1.1 with hbase 1.1.3.

When query a lot of rows(ex: 100,000),  some fileds of rows does not exists  in result set.


1. I created a table test(pk varchar primary key, id bigint, name varchar, age bigint).

2. then populated with 100000 rows, with key prefix 'prefix', and rows will be 'prefix1' - 'prefix100000'.

3. then query with select * from test;

occasionally some fields with be lost in rows, 

sometimes 2 rows missing id and age, 

some times 3 rows missing name.

Can anyone be helpful?  Is there some settings should be done ?

Un saludo - Best Regards.