Hello All!

Through Zeppelin I am trying to insert data into a table created by Phoenix: 

create table “test" (id bigint PRIMARY KEY, “test"."ip" varchar, “test"."request_date" bigint, “test"."data" varchar)

upsert into “test" values (1, '', 1, 'data')

select * from "test" limit 100

returns no results.

When I do the same thing through either sqlline-thin or sqlline (passing in ZK with /hbase-unsecure) I am able to UPSERT and see the data when I Select *. 

Am i missing some configuration or property when I am connecting from a remote client? 

I have tried playing around with “phoenix.mutate.batchSize setting it to 1 and making sure phoenix.connection.auto.commit is true

don’t see any errors or logs when I try to upsert through zeppelin. 

Thanks fro the help!