We have just started using Apache Phoenix on HBase. We have a setup where Phoenix is working (We are able to CRUD in tables cleanly). Now, we want an application running outside the network (say a system hosting a mobile app) to be able to query Phoenix table. For that, one of the options we are trying is using Phoenix Query Server (PQS). I have ensured that the port 8765 is accessible from outside network and so, when we use below CURL command, we expect the desired result:


[root@externalsystem ~]# curl -XPOST -H 'request:{"request":"prepareAndExecute","connectionId":"000000-0000-0000-00000000","statementId": 12345,"sql": "SELECT * FROM QUESTTWEETS1","maxRowCount":1}' http://here.comes.external.ip:8765/


But the response which we get is:



We are using HDP and aligned versions of HBase and PQS.


Very clearly, I am passing the SQL as one of the keys in the request. Can somebody please help me understand what am I doing wrong here? Additionally, since the goal of this is to provide a way to access Phoenix tables at high concurrency (which moble apps can demand), is PQS a decent solution or there are any better options to access Phoenix tables? Since I am a newbie in using HBase and Phoenix, please let me know if there are any other details required. 


Best Regards