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From F21 <>
Subject Re: FW: Phoenix Query Server not returning any results
Date Mon, 12 Sep 2016 11:09:40 GMT

You mentioned that you sent a PrepareAndExecuteRequest. However, to do 
that, you would need to first:
1. Open a connection:
2. Create a statement:
3. Call your PrepareAndExecute request:

The phoenix query service uses Avatica (part of Apache Calcite), so you 
can find all the documentation for talking with the query server here:

I do recommend using protobufs over JSON as protobufs are now the 
default serialization method.

In terms of making your clients talk to the query server directly,  I 
don't think that would be the best idea except in the case of some 
exceptions. While the query server supports authentication and 
authorization, I don't think it would be granular enough for most apps. 
Usually, you would need to have some business/domain layer and use 
phoenix as the storage/data access layer. However, it depends on your 
use-case :)


On 12/09/2016 9:02 PM, Puneeth Prasad wrote:
> Hello,
> Wehave just started using Apache Phoenix on HBase. We have a setup 
> where Phoenix is working (We are able to CRUD in tables cleanly). Now, 
> we want an application running outside the network (say a system 
> hosting a mobile app) to be able to query Phoenix table. For that, one 
> of the options we are trying is using Phoenix Query Server (PQS). I 
> have ensured that the port 8765 is accessible from outside network and 
> so, when we use below CURL command, we expect the desired result:
> [root@externalsystem ~]# curl -XPOST -H 
> 'request:{"request":"prepareAndExecute","connectionId":"000000-0000-0000-00000000","statementId":12345,"sql":

> QUESTTWEETS1","maxRowCount":1}'http://here.comes.external.ip:8765/
> But the response which we get is:
> {"response":"executeResults","missingStatement":true,"rpcMetadata":{"response":"rpcMetadata","serverAddress":"

> <>"},"results":null}
> We are using HDP and aligned versions of HBase and PQS.
> Very clearly, I am passing the SQL as one of the keys in the request. 
> Can somebody please help me understand what am I doing wrong here? 
> Additionally, since the goal of this is to provide a way to access 
> Phoenix tables at high concurrency (which moble apps can demand), is 
> PQS a decent solution or there are any better options to access 
> Phoenix tables? Since I am a newbie in using HBase and Phoenix, please 
> let me know if there are any other details required.
> Best Regards
> Puneeth

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