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From Simon Wang <>
Subject Verify validity of Phoenix table
Date Mon, 13 Jun 2016 17:28:48 GMT
Hi all,

I recently created a Phoenix table over a huge existing HBase table (~1TB) using the following

	CREATE TABLE “table_name" ( PK VARCHAR NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, "a"."id” VARCHAR, "a"."created_at"

I can’t recall exactly but the command either failed or took too much time that I interrupted
it. However, the Phoenix table still seemed successfully created. I was able to query against
it in SQLLine, build views over it, etc. So I didn’t worry much.

Then I decided to drop the “created_at” column. Again it took so long a time so I interrupted
it. (probably shouldn’t have). But the column appeared dropped. Queries and views still
work fine. But now I am worried that the Phoenix table may be invalid after my two interruptions.

Is there any way I can verify its validity. Or any way I can drop **only** the Phoenix schema
(preserve HBase data), and build the table again?

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