Could you include the full output of the tool, including the full command line that you're using to start it?



On Tue, May 3, 2016 at 9:17 PM, anupama agarwal <> wrote:

I am using phoenix version 4.5.2 with hbase version 1.0. I am using bulk csv tool with mapreduce to load data in my phoenix table. My phoenix table has both local index and global index. Local index gets updated while running mapreduce job, but global index does not get updated. I get this error "no region found." I did some digging, and have intuition that phoenix is not able to find hbase table name from index name. Please find error logs attached. 


Also, My table name is APL_PAYMENT_REGISTER.CORE_PAYMENTS, Index Name is PENDING_APPLIED_AMOUNT_IDX. Would really appreciate any pointers regarding this.