en~  thanks very much.

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主题: Re: how build phoenix 4.7 with CDH5.7.0

景涛 , Cloudera doesn't support Phoenix yet.
We switched to Hortonworks HDP because of this and it works fine there: https://docs.hortonworks.com/HDPDocuments/HDP2/HDP-2.3.2/bk_installing_manually_book/content/ch_install_phoenix_chapter.html

On Wed, Apr 27, 2016 at 10:06 PM, 景涛 <844300439@qq.com> wrote:
Recently, i saw the CDH5.7.0 releasing.
I build cluster with it, and eveything is ok.
 But, when i try to build phoenix 4.7 with CDH5.7.0, it error....
Can someone help me?? Or some other method to install phoenix on CDH5.7.0....
Thank you very much!!!

Hbase Version is 1.2-CDH5.7.0
Hadoop Version is 2.6.0-CDH5.7.0
and Phoniex Version is 4.7