I believe I've seen something similar while interfacing between Apache NiFi and Phoenix. From the bit of debugging I did yesterday with my colleague, NiFi is querying the system table for schema information about the target table. My target table has a VARCHAR ARRAY column, which is reported as DATA_TYPE 2003. NiFi then provides this type number to the setObject method. Phoenix actually has no type registered to DATA_TYPE 2003. Perhaps Squirrel is doing something similar?

I think Phoenix either needs a generic Array type registered to 2003 that can dispatch to the appropriate PDataType implementation, or it needs to store the correct array DATA_TYPE number in the schema table. In this case, it should be 3000 (base array offset) + 12 (varchar) = 3012.

On Wed, Jan 13, 2016 at 1:05 AM, Bulvik, Noam <Noam.Bulvik@teoco.com> wrote:

we have upgraded to the server to use the parcel and we created table with varchar array column
when working with client java client like squirrel  we still get the same error (Error: org.apache.phoenix.schema.IllegalDataException: Unsupported sql type: VARCHAR ARRAY) and from sqlline.py it still works fine


any idea what else to check


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Hi all,


We are using CDH 5.4 and phoenix 4.4. When we try to use the client jar (from squirrel ) to query table with array column we get the following error  (even when doing simple thing like select <column> from <table with array>:


Error: org.apache.phoenix.schema.IllegalDataException: Unsupported sql type: VARCHAR ARRAY

SQLState:  null

ErrorCode: 0


The same SQL from SQL command line (sqlline.py) it works fine (BTW only from phoenix 4.3.1 with 4.4 there is CDH compatibility issue .


Any idea how it can be fixed?


Regards ,


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