At my previous job, we had web-services fetching data from a secure hbase cluster. We never needed to renew the lease by restarting webserver. Our app used to renew the ticket. I think, Phoenix/HBase already handles renewing ticket. Maybe you need to look into your kerberos environment settings.  How are you authenticating with Phoenix/HBase?
Sorry, I dont remember the exact kerberos setting that we had.

Anil Gupta

On Mon, Mar 14, 2016 at 11:00 AM, Sanooj Padmakumar <p.sanooj@gmail.com> wrote:


We have a rest style micro service application fetching data from hbase using Phoenix. The cluster is kerberos secured and we run a cron to renew the kerberos ticket on the machine where the micro service is deployed.

But it always needs a restart of micro service java process to get the kerberos ticket working once after its expired.

Is there a way I can avoid this restart?

Any pointers will be very helpful. Thanks

PS : We have a Solr based micro service which works without a restart.


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