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From Ankit Singhal <>
Subject Re: Unexpected region splits
Date Thu, 25 Feb 2016 08:35:00 GMT
Hi Pedro,

You may need to configure your split policy
to ConstantSizeRegionSplitPolicy if you want *hbase.hregion.max.filesize to
be adhered strictly * (as default policy is
IncreasingToUpperBoundRegionSplitPolicy which uses Min (R^2 *
“hbase.hregion.memstore.flush.size”, “hbase.hregion.max.filesize”), where R
is the number of regions of the same table hosted on the same regionserver)

You may read below article to understand splitting policies:-

Ankit Singhal

On Mon, Feb 15, 2016 at 8:52 PM, Pedro Gandola <>

> Hi,
> I have a cluster using *HBase 1.1.2* where I have a table and a local
> index (using *Apache Phoenix 4.6*) in total both tables have *300 regions*
> (aprox: *18 regions per server*), my* hbase.hregion.max.filesize=30GB *and
> my region sizes are now *~4.5GB compressed (~7GB uncompressed)*. However
> each time I restart a RS sometimes a region gets split. This is unexpected
> because my key space is uniform (using MD5) and if the problem was my *region.size
> > * *hbase.hregion.max.filesize *I would expect to have all the regions
> or almost all splitting but this only happens when I restart a RS and it
> happens only for 1 or 2 regions.
> What are the different scenarios where a region can split?
> What are the right steps to restart a region server in order to avoid
> these unexpected splits?
> Thank you,
> Cheers
> Pedro

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