Do you consider adjusting timezones when using JDBC?
On Jan 8, 2016, at 3:01 AM, Thomas Decaux <> wrote:

What about Phoenix shell? I don't see this problem with Datagrip or Phoenix shell.

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I am having a DATE column in Phoenix DB. Through SQuirreL SQL client or JDBC, when I do an upsert date as string, the resultant date is always one day less. For ex all the below statements (with any date format in TO_DATE function) yield the same result (i.e., instead of 15th it’s 14th of July):


COLUMN             TYPE

=======             ====

COL1                      VARCHAR

COL3                      DATE




UPSERT INTO TEST VALUES ('5', TO_DATE('2016-07-15', 'yyyy-MM-dd'))

UPSERT INTO TEST VALUES ('5', '07/15/2016')






5              2016-07-14



If I use JDBC PreparedStatement.setDate(…), it works as expected.


Any ideas?






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