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Subject Re: Thin Client:: Connection Refused
Date Tue, 05 Jan 2016 22:42:46 GMT
Hello Thomas,

Thank you ! this what was missing ! :)

I noticed that the dbConnection.commit(); is not supported.
Is there any other method to commit? the inserted values are not 

Thank you,
-- C

From:   Thomas Decaux <>
Date:   01/05/2016 05:17 PM
Subject:        Re: Thin Client:: Connection Refused

Did you run thin  server ? (The http server that proxy to Phoenix) 
Le 5 janv. 2016 11:15 PM, <> a 
écrit :

I am running HBase on HDP 2.3.2 with the following parameters: 

Hadoop Version, revision=5cc60e0003e33aa98205f18bccaeaf36cb193c1c

Zookeeper Quorum

Zookeeper Base Path 

HBase Version, revision=58355eb3c88bded74f382d81cdd36174d68ad0fd

The RegionServer is running on,16020,1452022914170 

Phoenix version :  phoenix- 

I am capable of running sqlline without any problems !
However, the sqline-thin I am always having connection refused with any of 
the following: 
./ localhost 
./ http://localhost 
./ http://localhost:8765 

Any ideas why I am getting connection refused? 

-- C

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