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From Kumar Palaniappan <>
Subject Having Global covered Index
Date Mon, 18 Jan 2016 16:14:42 GMT
We have a table

*create table t1 ( a bigint not null, a1 bigint not null, b bigint not
null, c varchar, d varchar pk_constraint "t1_pk" (a, a1,b))*

create a global indices as -

*create index id_t1 on t1 (b) include (a,a1,c,d)* - this one is to speed up
filtering on b since it is the last element in the row key. (I highly doubt
we need this)

*create index id_t1_c on t1 (c) include (a,d)*  - to increase the perf on
filtering the c

What are the impacts on these indices? does it really make any difference
in Phoenix? do we need to enforce the hints to pick up the index on run
time, if we have multiple indices on a single table?

Doesnt a single global covered index sufficient for both use cases?

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