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From anil gupta <>
Subject Phoenix MR integration api only accepts Index of column for setting column value
Date Wed, 06 Jan 2016 00:14:27 GMT

I am using Phoenix4.4. I am trying to integrate my MapReduce job with
Phoenix following this doc:

My phoenix table has around 1000 columns. I have some hesitation regarding
using *COLUMN_INDEX* for setting its value rather than *NAME* as per
following example:

    public void write(PreparedStatement pstmt) throws SQLException {
       pstmt.setString(1, stockName);
       pstmt.setDouble(2, maxPrice);

There are couple of problems with above:
1. What if someone deletes a column from table? My guess, It will change
index of some of the columns. Right?(Lets say, a table has 5 columns. 3rd
column of table is deleted.)
2. Readability of code is also less since column names are denoted by
numbers.(in reality it's a name/value pair)

Instead, if we have following API then it will be much easier and above
problems will be fixed:

    public void write(PreparedStatement pstmt) throws SQLException {
       pstmt.setString("STOCK_NAME", stockName);
       pstmt.setDouble("MAX_RECORDING", maxPrice);

Also, my coding habits are giving me hard time to code on basis of
index when in reality its a key/value pair. :)

Is there anyway i can achieve the above? Would the community like to
have the key/value api?

Thanks & Regards,
Anil Gupta

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