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From Sreeram <>
Subject Trying to reduce read latency for full table scan
Date Thu, 07 Jan 2016 13:50:28 GMT

 I am new to Phoenix & I am trying to perform basic full table select from
a table.

 I am connecting using JDBC and I am seeing that a full table scan for 1000
records (14 columns, approx 150 bytes per record) is alwasy taking more
than a second. Scan from Hbase on equivalent HBase table takes close to 170
ms on average. The HBase table has a composite row key & the same columns
are provided as part of PRIMARY KEY CONSTRAINT in the Phoenix table.

 I use a two node cluster & have specified SALT_BUCKETS=2 as part of table

 I am using Phoenix version 4.3 and Hbase version 1.0.0

 I think I am missing something basic here - will appreciate any inputs on
how I can reduce the Phoenix read latency.


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