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From Ken Hampson <>
Subject EXPLAIN output
Date Tue, 12 Jan 2016 01:39:17 GMT

I was wondering if there was a primer available anywhere regarding the
output of EXPLAIN.

I came across a post in the mailing list archive from over a year ago (
where James asked for a JIRA ticket to document it should be created, but
the doc ( currently
doesn't explain the output, just the usage. Nothing that looks related
comes up in the first couple pages of general Google search results, either.

If there isn't a JIRA currently, please let me know and I can create one.
If there is, I'd like to be pointed in its direction so I could add a +1

As someone who is starting to dive into the details of Phoenix for a
project -- and looking at it for a broad range of use cases within our
Hadoop cluster --  knowing the details of EXPLAIN and how they change as,
say, I create secondary indexes, update statistics, tune various server
settings, change the query itself, etc. would be very helpful.

I use EXPLAIN with Postgres quite often to hone my queries iteratively, and
would love to be able to do the same with Phoenix.

- Ken

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