Are you sure your HA configuration is working properly, I doubt this is related to Phoenix. 
Are these parameters correctly setup?



On Tue, Dec 1, 2015 at 3:15 AM, 김영우 (YoungWoo Kim) <> wrote:

I'm configuring HBase and Phoenix on HDFS HA. Should I have any specific configurations or env variables on Phoenix for Namenode HA? My development cluster works fine without Namenode HA but new cluster with NN HA, I can't connect Phoenix using sqlline or sqlline-thin. It looks like HBase and Phoenix does not recognize my NN namespace, that is to say, HBase and Phoenix try to connect NN namespace as a hostname.

Hadoop 2.7.1, HBase 1.1.2, Phoenix 4.6.0
and I configured the 'HBASE_CONF_DIR' env variable.

Any help would be appreciated!