On Mon, Dec 21, 2015 at 12:17 PM, Naor David <> wrote:
I'm using Phoenix 4.3.0 in CDH5.4 cluster.
I'm trying to parse a TIMESTAMP column from a table using HBase native
API. (Because I want to get all versions of that column, which I
couldn't do using Phoenix JDBC)

>From the documentation, the TIMESTAMP type is a 12-byte value, 8-byte
for the milliseconds since the epoch, and 4 bytes for the nanoseconds.
My HBase query resulted in a Java byte[] array (which has 12 bytes indeed)

from there, I tried parsing the first 8 bytes into a long variable,
and then parsing that long value to a java.sql.Timestamp object.
(let's ignore the 4-bytes for now)
the problem is that the resulting long value is a large Negative
number, which make no sense for a timestamp value.

Is there a correct method for extracting this long value?