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From <>
Subject Phoenix JDBC connection pool
Date Tue, 15 Dec 2015 22:10:04 GMT

Should we pool the Phoenix JDBC connection like any other JDBC connection (probably using
DBCP or similar)? If not:

1.       What's the reason behind not to pool?

2.       What should be the access pattern?

a.       Create the connection once and use the cached connection till the process restarts
- Possibly with some check on every usage to make sure it's still valid? (what if the Hbase
cluster gets restarted during middle of the day, will the connections become stale?)

b.      Create the connection on need basis - What will be the performance impact of creating
connection every time?

Please can you clarify? I tried searching for this and all I see is "Shouldn't pool the connections"
without any explanation.



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