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From James Heather <>
Subject Re: Spark on hbase using Phoenix in secure cluster
Date Mon, 07 Dec 2015 19:57:47 GMT
I have no idea what the right way to solve it is, but this is a Kerberos 
error: the cluster is expecting you to have a Kerberos ticket-granting 
ticket ('tgt') but you haven't got one.

Its suggestion of using 'kinit' is pointing you towards a way of getting 
such a ticket: 'kinit' is the Linux command for starting a Kerberos 
session and retrieving a ticket. But to use it, you need to have the 
right Kerberos config on the client.


On 07/12/15 19:54, Akhilesh Pathodia wrote:
> Hi,
> I am running spark job on yarn in cluster mode in secured cluster. I 
> am trying to run Spark on Hbase using Phoenix, but Spark executors are 
> unable to get hbase connection using phoenix. I am running knit 
> command to get the ticket before starting the job and also keytab file 
> and principal are correctly specified in connection URL. But still 
> spark job on each node throws below error:
> 15/12/01 03:23:15 ERROR ipc.AbstractRpcClient: SASL authentication 
> failed. The most likely cause is missing or invalid credentials. 
> Consider 'kinit'.
> GSS initiate failed [Caused by 
> GSSException: No valid credentials provided (Mechanism level: Failed 
> to find any Kerberos tgt)]
>         at 
> I am using Spark 1.3.1, Hbase 1.0.0, Phoenix 4.3. I am able to run 
> Spark on Hbase(without phoenix) successfully in yarn-client mode as 
> mentioned in this link:
> Also, I found that there is a known issue for yarn-cluster mode for 
> Spark 1.3.1 version:
> Has anybody been successful in running Spark on hbase using Phoenix in 
> yarn cluster or client mode?
> Thanks,
> Akhilesh Pathodia

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