If you are doing development, most of what you need is in core (input/output formats utility for MR job setup, etc).  But yes, that also works.  You can also the jget the jars from the Horton Works hdp 2.3.2 repos if the typical maven repos don't have them.

On Nov 24, 2015 4:43 PM, "Kristoffer Sjögren" <stoffe@gmail.com> wrote:
That's for the query server right? Im not sure that's safe to use yet?

I'm looking for the phoenix-4.4.0-HBase-1.1-client.jar which is in the
tar.gz file downloaded from here:


On Tue, Nov 24, 2015 at 7:23 PM, Asher Devuyst <asher1@gmail.com> wrote:
> Try the phoenix-4.4.0-HBase-1.1-server-client.jar instead. You may also need
> the core jar as well.
> On Nov 24, 2015 9:51 AM, "Kristoffer Sjögren" <stoffe@gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi
>> I'm looking for phoenix-4.4.0-HBase-1.1-client.jar in Maven Central
>> but unable to find it.
>> Is manual binary tar.gz unpacking the way to go? What's the reason the
>> jar is not in Maven Central?
>> Cheers,
>> -Kristoffer