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From James Heather <>
Subject Re: Skip Scan
Date Mon, 05 Oct 2015 09:08:51 GMT
I'll leave someone else to comment on the Phoenix specifics.

I recall from some experiments on MySQL that if you have a massive load 
of IDs to pass, it's quicker if you split them into batches of some 
reasonable (but still large) size, and that for this, you would want to 
sort them first. I don't think it made any difference whether the IDs 
were sorted within an individual SQL statement, but you want to split 
into batches that cover disjoint ranges, so the easiest is to sort the 
whole lot first and then split.

This might be MySQL-specific, though. I think each query was being 
turned into a range scan, from the lowest ID in the IN clause to the 
highest, which was why it was useful to get the ranges disjoint and not 
too huge.


On 05/10/15 09:49, Sumit Nigam wrote:
> Hi,
> Would it make any difference if I were to pass non-sorted IDs 
> (secondary indexed) to a huge IN clause? I assume that skip scan 
> optimization would work in either case.
> Also, can any one let me know if there is some limit to beyond how 
> many such IDs in a large IN clause do I get into diminishing returns? 
> Or is it plainly dependent on specific workloads and memory of region 
> servers?
> Thanks,
> Sumit

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