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From James Heather <>
Subject simple commands that mutate a large number of rows
Date Tue, 15 Sep 2015 10:07:44 GMT
I found today that I can't execute this:

UPSERT INTO loadtest.testing (id, firstname, lastname) SELECT NEXT VALUE 
FOR loadtest.testing_id_seq, firstname, lastname FROM loadtest.testing

when the table has more than 500,000 rows in it ("MutationState size of 
512000 is bigger than max allowed size of 500000").

Is there a reason for the restriction, or a way of lifting it so that 
things get processed in batches?

Does this also mean that if I had a large table, and I wanted to (say) 
null out one of the columns, I wouldn't be able to do it in one hit 
because I'd be changing too many rows?


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