It sounds like you are scanning rather than getting rows based on a known row id. Am I wrong?

One thing I am currently trying is to have indexed columns and "hot" content in one column family and let "cold" content in another family. It speed up scanning the table when you need to
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I am trying to measure performance for Hbase and Phoenix.

I have generated 1000 records per day with combination of Column1 and Column2.

I have created 5 different combination for column1 and column2 and created data for 365 days. Total records I have generated 5 * 5 * 365 * 1000 = 9125000

I am writing 75+ qualifiers in one Column Family for each record.

Rowkey Design is as below : column1|column2|date(yyyyMMdd)|unique identifier. I have used one byte character as rowkey separator. I have create view in Phoenix on top of Hbase table.

My all queries contain column1 , column2 and date as filter condition.

If date range is less than 1 month I get response in less than 1 second. if date range is 3/6/12 months then response comes in seconds. Sometime it takes 25+ seconds for 12 months range.

My question is, is it possible to get response in phoenix in less than 1 second for amount of data I have specified. If yes what kind of tuning need to be done? As of now I have not done any changes at Hbase and Phoenix except proper rowkey design.

I am trying to verify whether phoenix will suit our requirement or not.