I am trying to measure performance for Hbase and Phoenix.

I have generated 1000 records per day with combination of Column1 and Column2.

I have created 5 different combination for column1 and column2 and created data for 365 days. Total records I have generated 5 * 5 * 365 * 1000 = 9125000

I am writing 75+ qualifiers in one Column Family for each record.

Rowkey Design is as below : column1|column2|date(yyyyMMdd)|unique identifier. I have used one byte character as rowkey separator. I have create view in Phoenix on top of Hbase table.

My all queries contain column1 , column2 and date as filter condition.

If date range is less than 1 month I get response in less than 1 second. if date range is 3/6/12 months then response comes in seconds. Sometime it takes 25+ seconds for 12 months range.

My question is, is it possible to get response in phoenix in less than 1 second for amount of data I have specified. If yes what kind of tuning need to be done? As of now I have not done any changes at Hbase and Phoenix except proper rowkey design.

I am trying to verify whether phoenix will suit our requirement or not.