To help us answer you better please let us know your table schema. Also what does EXPLAIN select * from <phoenix_table_name> limit 1000; tell you?


On Friday, May 15, 2015, Chagarlamudi, Prasanth <> wrote:
I would appreciate if someone could help with my question regarding pheonix's functionality.

        Created a phoenix table and inserted 100,000 records(assume these are spread across different regions region servers).
        Now, when I issue a select query with a limit n..something like this
                select * from <phoenix_table_name> limit 1000;
        What would be phoenix's behavior?
                -Does it read the all the data(from all the region servers) on side server side, then apply limit to dataset and send the 1000 records to the client?
                -Does it bring all the data set to the client and then apply the limit?

Thanks in advance
Prasanth Chagarlamudi


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